Aug 05
A dice tool for 7th Sea.
I've put the first version of dice roller for 7th Sea up on my gaming related site, As of right now, smellyoldgamer is still just an alias for, so you can just use as the root too. The full address to the dice roller is

I've built it to play nice with keyboard, mouse, and touch displays, so please check out. Notes on keyboard use are on the bottom. 

I kept the page completely self contained, so you can just save it and use it offline. It doesn't save anything, post it back to the server, or anything like that. It's completely intended to be locally run because everywhere your device goes may not have an internet connection. Simply save it as an html file and load it up in your browser for later. 

A possible enhancement over today's version would be to keep track of the last x number of rolls so you wouldn't need to reenter them.

I've tested it using the major browsers, and as usual, IE is the only one annoying the snot out of me. There's a bit of page "dancing" going on that causes one of the sections to move a bit unexpectedly that I'm still working on. Firefox seemed to be the pickiest and managed to find bugs in markup that the other browsers compensated for.